No-Till Gardening

David Clark joined Bren and me on Garden Chatter to explain no-till gardening techniques. No-Till gardening has been around for years, but it is become a hot topic recently.

As I learn more about how soil biology, compost, cover cropping, and beneficial insects all interact together, it becomes apparent that no-till practices are a critical component in moving toward healthy, vibrant, and sustainable soil.

Our conversation with David Clark was full of nuggets of great information so it would be best to watch or listen to the whole video. Here is an overview of the contents with links to take you to that topic in the video.



Introduction (0:00)

Meet David Clark (2:48)

Basics of No-Till Gardening (4:56)

“Lasagna” or Sheet Composting (11:15)

Cover Crops/Earthworms/Soil Biology (17:00)

Making Layers of Soil (22:00)

Where to Get Materials for Sheet Composting (27:55)

Using a Digging Fork or Broad Fork (31:00)

Cover Crops (32:06)

Square Foot Gardening (33:00)

Feeding the Soil (34:28)

Benefits of Straw as Mulch (36:33)

Dealing with Tree Roots in Raised Beds (37:57)

Getting Started with N-Till Gardening (41:18)


If you missed our live Garden Chatter event you can still watch the video below.


Meet Our Garden Chatter Guest

David Clark

David Clark with roseDavid is a horticulture instructor for the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. He is also a national garden speaker, florist, and educator.






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