Monarch Butterfly Gardens

Benjamin Vogt is passionate about planting natives in combination to provide authentic habitat for wildlife while simultaneously creating beautiful garden spaces.  Benjamin joined us on Garden Chatter and we focused our conversations on monarch butterflies.

Benjamin has been working to provide habitat for monarchs in his own garden and to educate others on how to do the same. He shared his wealth of knowledge on creating monarch butterfly gardens.


Video Table of Contents

Introduction (0:00)

Benjamin’s Path to Gardening (1:38)

Milkweed Varieties (5:50)

Best Milkweed Varieties for Monarchs (7:00) Link to Monarch Watch milkweed varieties here

Brief Summary of Monarch Life Cycle and Migration (7:54)

Factors Impacting Monarch Populations (10:56)

Butterfly House (12:20)

Raising Monarch Caterpillars (12:58)

Attracting Monarchs to the Garden (14:20)

Collect Eggs to Hatch (15:23)

What to Plant for Monarch Butterflies (16:56)

What Can Elementary Teachers Do? (19:38)

Follow Benjamin on Facebook and Twitter (21:46)

Benjamin’s Butterfly and Native Plant Garden Design and Consulting (22:50)

Native Plants and Pollinators: Right Plant in the Right Place (25:04)

Wrap-Up and Conclusion (27:15)


If you missed our live Garden Chatter event with Benjamin Vogt, you can still watch the video below.



Meet Our Garden Chatter Guest

Benjamin Vogt

benjamin vogtBenjamin does garden consultation and design with a focus on native plants and wildlife habitat creation. He also writes a weekly column for Houzz and a monthly blog post for Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens



Benjamin Vogt Fall Garden



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