Make a Homemade Automatic Chicken Waterer For Under $25


Gertrude drinking from my homemade automatic chicken waterer

Gertrude loving a clean drink!

Poop and debris in a standard galvanized waterer

I have had chickens for several years now. Currently I have 7 pullets almost ready for egg laying. Poop and debris in their water is not something I want to clean up anymore. It is amazing to me how they manage to make a mess of their standard issue galvanized waterer.

I bought six commercial poultry water drippers from They were reasonably priced at $5.99 for each set of three. I proceeded to make a homemade automatic chicken waterer for my own flock. I created the waterer out of a clean five gallon bucket and some basic plastic pipe and fittings.

homemade automatic chicken waterer

This is the homemade automatic chicken waterer I made for the tutorial video

The bucket is hanging on the side of the coop with the automatic waterer mounted inside the coop. It works great. My chickens took to it with no special training! The five gallon reservoir of clean water lasts for days even in hot weather.

I hope this tutorial will inspire you to make your own automatic chicken waterer. However, if this project seems like more than you want to take on, check out the chicken waterers at Chicken Fountain.





This is a video tutorial showing step by step how I made the DIY automatic chicken waterer for around $20.


Below is a photo list of the parts
I bought at Home Depot


















Here are a few additional items you might need if you don’t have them laying around.







Milwaukee23/64 in. Thunderbolt Black Oxide Drill Bit

Model # 48-89-2729

Internet # 202256158

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