Hydroponics, Food & Fuel: Farmer Tyler

Farmer Tyler is busy growing lettuce at GrowHaus in Denver, Colorado when he is not making Youtube videos, shooting Garden Tech segments for Dig In, or working on his Food and Fuel project.

He joined Bren Haas and me in the GrowHaus hydroponics greenhouse. Tyler gave us a virtual tour of the hydroponics, aquaponics, and pointed out the class that was in session in the GrowHaus classroom adjacent to the greenhouse. 

Farmer Tyler shared his adventures filming his Food and Fuel series. He traveled to farms and interviewed farmers to learn more about the source of our food. As an added caveat he could only eat what they produced on their farm. 


Video Contents. Click a link to jump to that section of video.

Introduction (0:00)

Farmer Tyler’s Horticultural Journey (1:44)

Greenhouse Tour: Hydroponics (5:00)

Greenhouse Tour: Aquaponics (8:18)

Greenhouse Temperatures and Evaporative Cooling (11:05)

GrowHaus Facilities and Mission (12:52)

Farmer Tyler’s “Food and Fuel” Adventures (13:57)

Pest Problems in the Greenhouse and Organic Pesticide Control (22:48)

Filming the “Food and Fuel” Series (25:05)

Aeroponic Grow Towers and Other Projects (26:40)

Indoor Growing at Home and DIY Hydroponics (27:25)

Farmer Tyler’s Homestead Project and Connecting with Food Sources (28:38)

Highlights of the “Food and Fuel” Experience (31:26)

Garden Tech Gadgets: Electric Hand Sprayer, Automatic Adjusting Grow Lights, UV Sterilization (34:23)

Class Schedule for Hydroponics and Aquaponics and More (36:56)

Where to Find Farmer Tyler and Conclusion (38:18)


If you missed our live Garden Chatter event with Farmer Tyler, you can still watch the video below.

Meet Our Garden Chatter Guest

Farmer Tyler

Farmer TylerFarmer Tyler is currently the Head Grower at GrowHaus in Denver, Colorado, where he grows hydroponic lettuce for Wholefoods, King Soopers, and several local markets.



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