My name is Tico. I am meeting Zephyr for the first sniff

Hanging out on the car seat.

I can occasionally hold still.

Sunning with the big dog.

I like to sleep.

My name is Zephyr. I am a seven year old pug. I sleep a lot, but when it is time to play, I am there for you!

I like sleeping a lot.

If I wait patiently, it will fall.

I like to lounge.

My name is S'more. I am a free ranging backyard bunny. I like the occasional petting and am always on the lookout for a succulent treat

Sometimes Zorro sits on me when I am enjoying lap time.

My name is Zorro. I am a big love who adores attention. I am an all around great guy. I only stick my claws in you lovingly. I can still jump and catch the occasional rodent.

My name is Drinks. Yes, like a drink of milk. I am 13 years old. I like to find a special spot and sit and groom and shed. After a few days, I look for an even more awesome spot to sit and groom and shed.

I am rather shy, but I do like some attention now and again.