Growing Roses

Karen Kemp-Docksteader shared great information on roses and gave many rose growing tips on Garden Chatter. Karen is the  Sales & Marketing Manager for Weeks Roses based in Wasco, California. Weeks Roses has 1,200 acres of production and ships over 4 million bareroot roses throughout the United States each year. Karen was a wealth of information on growing roses and trends in the industry.


Video Contents

Below is an outline of the topics we covered with our chat with Karen.

Click the link to jump to a to that topic in the video.

Introduction (0:00)

Karen’s Story: Getting Started at Weeks Roses (2:30)

Bareroot Roses (3:26)

Karen’s Role as a Sales Manager (4:48)

Rose Water Requirements (6:14)

“Distant Drum” Rose (7:25)

Roses Don’t Like Wet Feet (8:30)

More Tips on Getting Started With Roses (9:24)

Flower Cutting and Summer Trimming (12:15)

“Ketchup and Mustard” Rose (13:46)

Soaking Bare Root Roses Prior to Planting (16:38)

Soil Preparation For Roses (17:36)

More Thoughts on Watering Roses (19:45)

Roses In Vineyards as Indicators (20:25)

How Deep To Bury The Rose Graft In Cold Climates (22:11)

Fertilizing Roses (23:16)

Japanese Beetle Control (25:25)

Kelp Fertilizers (27:30)

Karen’s Favorite Roses and New Varieties (28:44)

Rose Categories (32:50)

Cleaning Up Around Roses (37:36)

Conclusion (39:00)


You can watch the complete video replay of our conversation with Karen below,


Meet Our Garden Chatter Guest

Karen Kemp-Docksteader

Karen KempKaren has worked with bareroot roses all of her life. She grew up in a family with generations of horticultural experience. She has been the sales manager with Weeks Roses since 2007.

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