Growing Herbs With Beth Billstrom

Beth Billstrom blogs at More Than Oregano, and she shared some of her knowledge of growing herbs with us on Garden Chatter. We covered everything from soil mix to harvesting and handling. We mostly focused on culinary herbs, but we also discussed the importance many herbs can play in attracting beneficial insects to the garden.


I went through the video and created a table of contents. Go ahead and click the link to jump to that section or give the whole video a listen.


Video Table of Contents

Introduction (0:00)

Beth’s Garden Origin Story (1:52)

Perennial Versus Annual Herbs (6:50)

Rue and Borage: Medicinal Uses or Beneficial Insect Attractants (8:06)

Herbs for the Beginner: Basil (9:23)

Planting Basil Seeds (13:43)

Basil as a Micro-Green and Transplanting (15:08)

Other Herbs for Making Pesto (17:05)

Planting Herbs and Potting Soil Recipe (18:25)

Sage: Can You Eat Sage Flowers? (20:15)

Harvesting and Handling Herbs (22:05)

What is Thyme Good For? (25:58)

Varieties of Herbs Beth is Excited About Growing (28:17)

Herbs to Attract Beneficial Insects to the Garden (30:07)

Information on #GrowNow2015 and Conclusion (36:18)



If you missed our live Garden Chatter event with Beth Billstrom, you can still watch the video below.



Meet Our Garden Chatter Guest

Beth Billstrom

Beth BillstromBeth has a penchant for stories about herbs, veggies, flowers, pollinators and public gardens.  She loves to share her experiences combined with researched-based information. She  gardens on a small city-sized lot, and she’s always on the lookout for creative ways to maximize space.  Beth uses a lot of containers, trellis, and other space saving resources.




Golden Sage

Golden Sage

Bee on Borage

Bee on Borage

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