My family and I have been living on this property in Talent, Oregon for 10 years now. How the time flies! We did not intend to linger here so long.

Our Front Yard June 1, 2014

Our Front Yard June 1, 2014

The plan was to build one house on our double lot and live in it for two years as we built a second house on the other half of the lot. We would then sell or rent the houses and finally move on to our “dream” location.IMG_3620.jpg.jpg2

Work, kids, and recession got in the way of fulfilling our plan. We have now come to realize that we like where we are, and we have no intention of moving any time soon.

Creating our yard and garden would have proceeded differently had I known we would be planting our own roots here. Planning to build two houses and then move is a much different process than planning for a suburban homestead revolving around one house.

I would have planted fruit trees, berries, and started raised garden beds right at the start. But, I did not jump into action because we needed space for that second house, and we were not planning to stick around to enjoy the fruits of our labor anyway.

In the last couple years it has occurred to us that we are not going anywhere soon. I finally felt like I had the green light to shift into full suburban homestead mode! Here is a list of what I have established so far.


Our Garden Area June 2014


Our Daughter Taylor In our “Extra Lot”

  • Chicken coop with large fenced in run
  • 14 Raised Garden Beds
  • 11 Fruit and Nut Trees
  • Raspberry and Strawberry Patches
  • 8 Blueberry Plants
  • 5 Half Wine Barrels (My Sunny Basil Growers)
  • 6 Table Grape Vines
  • An 8×12 Foot Greenhouse
  • A Drip Irrigation System (More work needed)

The property is coming together and I see the potential, but I still have a long way to go. My dream is to create a sustainable suburban homestead producing an insane amount of food. I have much to create and learn to achieve this dream. Here is a partial list of future projects

  • Raise meat chickens and possibly rabbits
  • Make a root cellar
  • Install gray-water and rainwater collection systems
  • Learn to preserve more foods (canning, drying, and freezing)
  • Create more vertical gardening systems
  • Install solar panels for hot water and electricity
  • Extend my drip irrigation system
  • Set up a beehive
  • Fence top trellises for kiwi, passion fruit, and grapes
Compost bins

Compost bins

My mission is to share information and resources to inspire others to get started in gardening and create a space providing beauty and bounty. I will share my progress and learning as my projects and garden evolve.

What goals and projects do you have planned for your homestead?

Digging The Garden

Digging The Garden Early On