Basic DIY Drip Irrigation Repair Kit Items 

I recommend you put together a compact DIY drip irrigation repair kit for yourself. It makes life a whole lot easier when you can have everything ready to go for that springtime trouble shooting or the emergency fix. Below is a list of items I have found to be most essential in my drip irrigation repair kit.


Are you having an earwig problem? Are slugs and snails chewing up your hostas and strawberries? Sluggo Plus is my main defense against these pests. I have had a huge problem with earwigs and tried many other control methods, but found that using Sluggo Plus was more effective and saved my time. It is designated for organic gardening and controls earwigs with Spinosad bacteria. Make sure you buy the Sluggo Plus (not Sluggo) for earwig control.

Monterey Sluggo Plus 2.5lb
List Price: $29.99
Price: $23.09
You Save: $6.90
Monterey Sluggo Plus 10lb
List Price: $63.64
Price: $63.64
You Save: N/A

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