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Teaching Youth to Grow Food

Guest: Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza

Monday, September 14th at 5:15 PST 8:15 EST


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Health Equity

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Understanding Roots with Author Robert Kourik Tuesday, September 1st at 5:30 PST 8:30 EST

Meet author Robert Kourik

Learn how the soil biota affect root growth

Tips on how to transplant

Plants that are proven “Dynamic Accumulators”

How and where deep rooted plants get their nutrients

How and why some plants can accumulate heavy metals

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Understanding roots
Watch the video here Gardening Tips: Jan Bills Jan Bills is landscape designer from the Detroit area. She will share her journey in landscape design and give gardening tips she has learned along the way.
Jan Bills
Watch the video here. Roses: Karen Kemp-Docksteader Join us as we learn about roses from Karen. Karen is the  Sales & Marketing Manager for Weeks Roses based in Wasco, California. Weeks Roses has 1,200 acres of production and ships over 4 million bareroot roses throughout the United States each year. Karen will be a wealth of information on growing roses as well as trends in the industry.
Karen Kemp
Big Bad Flowers: Katie Ketelsen Katie Ketelsen is the brand manager at Big Bad Flower. Are you interested in hibiscus or bouganinvillea? How about new varieties of sundenia? Katie will share her own horticultural journey and answer questions about the Big Bad Flower.   Click here to watch the video recording with Katie.
Katie Ketelsen
Backyard Chickens: Lisa Steele

Backyard Chickens: Lisa Steele

  Backyard Chickens: Lisa Steele My co-host, Bren Haas, and I had a fun conversation with Lisa Steele about backyard chickens. Lisa’s blog can be found at Fresh Eggs Daily where she shares great photos and information on chickens, ducks, gardening, recipes,...
Hot Peppers: Terry Berke

Hot Peppers: Terry Berke

    Hot Peppers with Terry Berke We got to talk to Terry Berke on Garden Chatter about hot peppers and pepper breeding. Terry Berke works for Seminis seeds in Sacramento, California. He has produced six All American Selection (AAS) winners over the years...

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