If you are like me, then you haveDrip Irrigation Fix-It Kit a drip irrigation system snaking all over and branching off with a variety of drip emitters and micro sprinklers.

Sooner or later I will wake to the sound of water spraying in a most conspicuous way outside my open window. I make a tour in the predawn light and locate the culprit. Often it is a small geyser of water where we had inadvertently hit a drip line with a shovel the day before. Time to run and shut off the system and grab my drip irrigation repair kit.


You don’t have a drip system yet?
Save time and effort. No more dragging around hoses and sprinklers.
Slowly drip water directly onto the root zone of your plants.
Less water is lost to evaporation compared to overhead watering.


Basic DIY Drip Irrigation Repair Kit Items 

I recommend you put together a compact DIY drip irrigation repair kit for yourself. It makes life a whole lot easier when you can have everything ready to go for that springtime trouble shooting or the emergency fix. Below is a list of items I have found to be most essential in my drip irrigation repair kit.


Goof Plugs

Goof Plugs


Goof Plugs

Plug up those mistakes! These little guys can plug up punch holes in half inch poly pipe or plug a 1/4 inch poly tubing.








Barbed Connectors

Quarter Inch Barbed Connectors


1/4 inch barbed connectors

Use the barbed connectors to connect into half inch poly pipe or make connections with quarter inch poly tubing.











A punch ( this simple punch fits in my repair kit)

Use the punch to make a hole in the half inch poly pipe to insert a barbed connector or an emitter.








Half Inch Barbed Connectors

Half Inch Barbed Connectors


1/2 inch barbed connectors

These are small enough to fit in my kit and can be used to connect half inch poly hose after cutting out a leak.








Drip Emitters

Drip Emitters


Drip Emitters

I keep some 1/2 GPH (gallon per hour) and one GPH emitters to replace any broken ones.









Micro sprinklers

Replacement Spray Emitters


Mini Spray Emitters

I keep some of these handy to replace any that are broken or plugged.










Clippers For Snipping Tubing



I keep an old pair of clippers handy with my repair kit for snipping poly tubing.









I/4 inch poly tubing

Roll of 1/4 Inch Poly Tubing


1/4 Inch Poly Tubing

I keep a roll of 1/4 inch tubing sitting on top of my repair kit.








I/2 Inch Poly Pipe

Roll of 1/2 Inch Poly Pipe


Roll of 1/2 inch Poly Pipe

This does not fit in my repair kit, but I keep some around for the extreme fix.











local Supply Store

Bulk Drip Irrigation Supplies

Try to locate a local farm and garden or hardware store that stocks a good selection of bulk drip irrigation supplies. It is easier to check for the correct item when you can thread items together and make sure everything is compatible.

If you can’t find what you are looking for locally, click here to see a page of critical elements for your DIY drip irrigation repair kit on my Garden Products page.