Hello, my name is Adam Cortell.

I am here because I am passionate about helping homeowners create the yard and garden of their dreams.

I know what it is like to buy a new property and be unsure how to reach my dream backyard. I had to decide if I wanted to do the work myself or hire it out to contractors. What new skills would I need? What are the best tools I should buy? If I were going to do it myself, where would I find the resources to help me be successful?

That is why I am here to give you information and resources on how to plan and create your dream yard and garden. I want you to be able to accurately decide if you should do the work yourself or hire it out. If you choose to tackle a task yourself, I want to provide you a step-by-step guide so you can get it done right.

It was 8 years ago that my family and I bought our property in Talent, Oregon. The property is 4/10 ths of an acre right in town. When we purchased it there was a singlewide mobile home on it encircled by wire field fencing and covered in berry brambles. After we had the mobile home demolished and removed we were left with a clean slate to start our home and garden.

I have been working on creating a suburban homestead garden oasis ever since. I learned how to build fences, pergolas, patios, decks, and a sauna. I have researched how to install raised garden beds and drip irrigation and much more.

It hasn’t always been easy. There were a few projects that took longer and sucked more of my time and money than I had anticipated. I have run into problems with my irrigation systems, poor soil for my garden, and a plague of earwigs chomping on everything.

Now I am getting complements on our yard and garden, and my family is able to harvest fresh fruit, produce, and eggs. I am not done yet though! I am still learning, growing, and striving to create a space of beauty and bounty.

I want to help you on your journey to the yard and garden of your dreams.

Adam Digging